Greek Salad II

Salad of firm tomatoes, cucumber, colored peppers, red onion, black olives, Feta cheese, olive oil and spices.


400 g of ripe but firm tomatoes 250 g salad cucumbers 150 g Feta cheese 150 g coloured flesh peppers 150 g of black olives 100 g red onion 5 cl quality olive oil juice of 1/2 lemon oregano pepper salt


1. Rinse the Vegetable Recipes under cold running water and let them drain thoroughly, then cut the tomatoes, cucumber and peppers, stripped of their cores, into cubes and put them in a salad bowl
2. Add the drained black olives, peeled, sliced onion and cheese cubes cut into about 1 cm
3. Mix everything carefully, pour olive oil and lemon juice
4. Season the salad with salt, pepper and oregano, serve it chilled.