Minestrone with beans

This tasty soup is without boil, but it is full of Vegetable Recipes.


1 pc can of sterilized white beans 1 pc small cans of sterilized corn 1 pc red peppers 1 pc small zucchini 1 pc vegetable bouillon bones 1 pc smaller broccoli 2 pcs of garlic cloves 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar 2 tbsp olive oil 1.5 l water ground pepper salt


1. Put broccoli florets into boiling salted water and let them boil briefly (4 minutes)
2. Remove the broccoli and add a cube of vegetable stock to the broccoli water
3. In hot olive oil, fry the peeled, crushed garlic cloves, rinsed, diced zucchini and cleaned, cut into smaller pieces peppers
4. Drain the beans and corn, rinse with water and add them to the vegetable broth
5. Add salt and pepper, cook for 10 minutes, then add balsamic vinegar and cooked broccoli florets.


To enhance the taste, you can sprinkle the finished soup with grated cheese and, when serving it as a main dish, add pieces of cooked chicken.