Braised beef on root Vegetable Recipes, celery stalks and turmeric


750 g lean beef (I put the thigh) 2 pcs carrot 1 pcs parsley stalk celery 1 pcs large onion 1 tbsp dijon mustard salt, pepper, red ground pepper 1.5 KL turmeric a piece of butter and plain flour for French butter whole allspice broth oil


celery root potatoes milk cow’s butter



Cut the onion into small pieces and fry in oil, add the meat cut into larger pieces, the carrot cut into rings, the parsley, about half of a whole bunch of stem celery, season with salt, pepper, add turmeric, 3 pieces of allspice, a spoonful of Dijon mustard, fry the whole for a while and pour in the hot broth.


Simmer until the meat is tender. Pull the meat out, let it cool and cut it into smaller pieces, blend the broth with the Vegetable Recipes with an immersion blender and throw in the famous French butter, that is, cut off a piece of butter and make a lump of it in the butter-flour and throw it into the sauce, let it melt, finally throw the meat into the sauce.


Make the puree like a classic puree, except peel about half of the celery root, cut it into smaller pieces and let it cook with the potatoes, when the potatoes are done, drain, throw in a piece of butter and mix with the milk to make a puree.