Asparagus with cream sauce, potatoes, braised ham and rocket

Cooked green or white asparagus, whose season has just begun, served with cream sauce, potatoes, steamed ham and a salad of fresh rocket leaves.


500 g of green or white asparagus 6 pieces 6 pcs potatoes 1 handful of fresh arugula lettuce 1/2 tbsp cane sugar 1/2 tbsp butter juice from 1/4 lemon salt


1. Peel the green asparagus from the middle downwards, the upper part does not need to be peeled
2. Put the peeled asparagus in water with a bit of butter, a bit of cane sugar, salt and pepper the water and add a bit of lemon juice
3. Take the asparagus out of the broth and thicken the broth as you would thicken a sauce (I use spelt flour dissolved in a cup of water); stir the broth together with the spelt flour dissolved in water and let the sauce boil
5. Finally, pour in the heavy cream and then season the sauce to taste
6. In parallel with the asparagus, boil the potatoes, stripped of their skin, in salted water
8. Serve the asparagus, sauce and potatoes with good quality rolled ham and garnished with fresh rocket.


Recipe from Cooking with Tom, photo and text by Šárka Ledová.