Red cabbage soup

Sour soup with boiled pork, cabbage and Vegetable Recipes.


500 g pork shoulder 400 g red cabbage 100 g celery 100 g carrots 80 g beetroot 2 pcs spring onions 2 pcs of bean leaves 1/2 tsp mustard seeds sugar vinegar water salt


1. Cut the peeled beets into cubes, celery into sticks, cleaned carrots into rounds and shred the cabbage
2. Boil the blanched meat in salted water until tender, take it out and cut it into smaller pieces
3. Strain the broth, add the prepared Vegetable Recipes, mustard seeds, bay leaves and cook until the Vegetable Recipes are soft
4. Put the meat back, season the soup with sugar, vinegar, reheat and garnish with sliced onions.