Brno fish soup

Soup cooked from the head, tail and guts of carp, also root Vegetable Recipes, masox and parsley, thickened with light roux.


carp head, tail and guts 100 g 60 g smooth flour 40 g butter 1/2 pcs of masox cubes parsley


water salt


1. Cook the head and trimmings in salted water with the cleaned Vegetable Recipes cut into noodles
2. Cook the tripe separately
3. Make a light meal of butter and plain flour, pour it over the strained broth from the head and Vegetable Recipes


If we do not have fish giblets, we can add a spoonful of semolina fried in a piece of butter to the soup instead. To soften the soup we can add an egg yolk beaten in a little cream, in which case the soup must not be cooked any further.


For the preparation of the roux see recipe: Stir-fry.