Marinated Trout

Prepped trout in sugar and salt with herbs.


1 piece of trout 1 tbsp or moresugar 2 tablespoons or more salt 1 tablespoon or more cracked pepper cognac pepper foil


1. Clean the uncut trout fillets with tweezers, remove the remaining bones and thoroughly coat them on the inside with a mixture of salt and sugar (in a ratio of 2:
1), not missing a dose of coarse pepper
2. The fish can then be drizzled with cognac and finally garnished with dill, preferably fresh
3. Place the fillets with their inner sides together and wrap them tightly in foil so that the liquid that is released later cannot flow out of the fish
4. Turn the fish every 12 hours
6. After removing from the refrigerator and wiping off most of the seasoning, slice the fillets thinly against the skin and serve.