Pork polpety

Pancakes made from ground pork shoulder or pork belly.


500 g of minced pork shoulder or belly 80 g bacon 1 pk large onion 1 pk oats 2 tbsp smooth flour muscadine flower salt


1. Cut the pork into chips and mince twice
2. Add salt, mace, eggs, a spoonful of plain flour and mix everything well
3. Fry the bacon cut into small cubes, put the polpety and fry on both sides until golden brown, transfer the finished meat to a heated bowl
5. Lightly fry the coarsely chopped onion in the hot fat, add the rest of the plain flour and pour hot water over it
6. Put the polpety back in, season with salt and bake uncovered in the oven.


Serve the polpette with mashed potatoes or mashed potatoes and vegetable salad.