Soup á-la Brazil

Beef and chicken soup.


200 g of beef (sirloin, beef butt) 200 g of chicken legs (boneless) 150 g of sterilised peas 4 pcs garlic cloves 2 pcs of country apples 1 pc onions 1 l water vegetable,pepper,parsley frying oil


1. Drizzle oil into the pot
2. Place the beef and chicken in the hot oil and fry it, add the chicken and fry it too
4. Add the onion and let it turn golden brown
5. Slightly cover with water and add the sliced tomatoes, season with salt and pepper and peas
6. Add the rest of the water and cook until the beef is tender, finally throw in the crushed garlic


– You can add a little soy sauce to the soup and mushrooms are also excellent, which we add at stage 5.