Fried Polenta

Cooked polenta, chopped and fried until golden brown.


2 cups of coarse cornmeal 2 tsp salt 2 l water 1/4 l frying oil


ground white pepper


1. Pour water into a pot, bring it to a boil and then lightly season with salt, gradually add the cornflour to the boiling water while stirring
2. Stir, making sure that no lumps form
3. Reduce the heat to minimum, continue cooking until the polenta is thick enough, which takes about 30 minutes, stirring frequently (we can tell that the polenta is ready by the fact that the cooker stands by itself in the middle of the pot)
4. Grease a baking tray with oil, or a baking dish about 28 cm x 18 cm
5. Spread the cooked polenta, let it cool, then let it stand at room temperature for a few hours
6. Finally, fry the polenta pieces in heated oil, on both sides, until golden brown.


Serve the fried polenta preferably hot.


Polenta – It is a very healthy and strengthening porridge, which is eaten as a stand-alone dish or forms the basis for many other dishes. It originates from Italy.