Vegetable pocket

When you look at the photo of the recipe, you might think of the word “wrap”. That’s what we might call our pockets full of seasonal Vegetable Recipes. We used fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and red onions. If you have celery growing in your garden, feel free to throw it in. The preparation of the pancakes is not complicated, but it does require a bit of culinary art. But don’t be discouraged, even if you are just starting out. Maybe you’ll have beginner’s luck. Let yourself taste.


Number of servings: 5 For pancakes: 500 g smooth flour 280 ml hot water 100 ml of sunflower oil 280 ml of hot water 1 tsp salt For filling: 3 pcs large tomatoes 1 pcs red onion 1 pc yellow bell pepper 1/2 pc iceberg lettuce 1/2 pc salad pickles 150 g of natural fresh cheese For the dressing: 150 ml white yogurt pepper salt


  • Mix sifted flour with oil, a pinch of salt and hot water.
  • Make a smooth and non-sticky dough, which you then divide into 5 balls. Roll these into regular circles.
  • Bake the pancakes dry and hot in a hot frying pan for about 45 seconds on each side.
    Then place between tea towels to prevent the pancakes from hardening.
  • Pepper and salt the white yoghurt.
  • Slice the greens and cheese as you like, place both on the pancakes, drizzle with yogurt
    and roll up.
  • Recommendation:

    Do not put the pancakes in the refrigerator under any circumstances. This will adversely affect their taste and consistency. Leave the unripe pieces to ripen in the light and sun at a minimum of 20 °C.

    Recipe for article: Fresh recipes to satisfy your summer cravings


    Text and photo: www.akademiekvality.cz