Potato pancakes with cabbage and smoked meat

Potato pancakes fried in fat in a pan, served two at a time with stewed, seasoned sauerkraut and onion fried cubes of smoked meat.


For the potato pancakes: 1 kg of floury peeled potatoes 5-6 tbsp of plain flour ./td> 2 tbsp dried marjoram 3-4 pcs garlic cloves


2 pcs of eggplant pepper salt Lard or oil for frying For sauerkraut stew: 500 g of sauerkraut 1 piece onion 1 tbsp of fat or a little oil 1 tbsp smooth flour flour sugar salt For meat: 500 g of smoked meat 1 pk ./td>

onions fat


  • Prepare the cabbage stew; skim the brine off the cabbage, tip the cabbage into a pot, add a little water, put on a heat source, simmer briefly under a lid, then thicken the cabbage with a roux made from flour and fried onions, season with salt and sugar, stir<
  • Roast the peeled, finely chopped onion in a frying pan and melted lard, add the diced smoked meat, roast, stir occasionally
  • Prepare potato pancakes; grate the washed, peeled potatoes on a medium coarse grater, let the water release and then squeeze them in a clean cloth, mix the prepared potatoes with eggs, flour, crushed garlic, salt, pepper and crushed marjoram, make the dough, in a wide frying pan on a medium heat source with a large amount of lard or oil, fry the potato pancakes individually, fry them on both sides, until golden brown, stack the potato pancakes and cover them to keep them hot
  • Always use two potato pancakes per portion, spread one on a plate, put a layer of sautéed cabbage on it, cover with the second potato pancake, spread some of the smoked meat with onions and fat on top, serve immediately, hot.