Kuymak/Kujmak (Turkish raw fondue),


200 g mozzarella 200 g eidam (or gouda) 100 g soft butter 82% 400 ml water 3 tbsp cornflour salt a little butter on top

progress in the video above

A delicious cheese dish from Turkish cuisine It’s quick and easy to prepare. You can make it for breakfast, for dinner, or just when you get hungry. All you need is a piece of bread Thanks to the corn flour, which is actually gluten-free, this dish is also great for gluten-free people


Heat the butter in a pan, add the flour and fry for a while. Actually, make it like a classic stir fry. Add salt and pour in 4dl of water. Let it bubble for 3-4 minutes, stirring constantly.


Next, add both cheeses and let them run, stirring constantly. The cheeses need to melt completely and we should get a pretty smooth dish that stretches properly Finally, put a few pieces of butter on top and just let it melt.


Serve the kujmak with bread, or bread that you dip straight into the pan Toasted bread rubbed with garlic is also a great accompaniment. Enjoy!


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