Beef stew with ox eye, spinach with nettles, potato dumpling

Dried slices of beef butt served garnished with ox eye along with frozen spinach seasoned with young nettle leaves and homemade potato dumplings.


1 kg of beef butt 1 pc large onion fat (oil or lard) flour for thickening water pepper salt For spinach: 350 g package of frozen spinach leaves 100 g of young nettle leaves 100 ml cooking cream 12% 1 tbsp smooth flour 1 tbsp fat 2-3 pcs garlic cloves 1 pc onions 1 pc egg pepper salt For potato dumplings: 500 g of potatoes cooked the day before in their skins 250 g children’s grits 1 pk egg mildly salted water to cook dumplings coarse flour as needed water for dough salt


  • Directly in a pressure cooker, in lard or oil, let the diced onions brown
  • .Salt and pepper the sliced beef butt, brown the onion and fat in the pot, once it has browned, cover with water, close the pot, simmer until tender (length depends on the type of pot!)
  • Pull out the cooked meat, thicken the juice with a little flour whisked in a little cold water, season with salt and pepper to taste, boil for a while, then return the slices to the pot to warm through in the juice
  • Prepare the ox eyes; prepare the ox eye by cracking the eggs into a frying pan with hot oil (you can use a frying pan or directly into the ox eye pan), salt and pepper and fry until the whites are stiff and the yolk is runny
  • Divide the meat slices onto plates, pour the juices over them, top with dumplings and spinach, place an ox eye on each slice and serve.
  • Spinach preparation:

  • Heat the lard in a saucepan, add the finely chopped onion and let it brown
  • Pour in the flour and mix a light roux
  • Add the unfrozen spinach, add the cream and let the spinach thaw over a low heat, stirring occasionally
  • Flavour with salt, pepper and crushed garlic, if necessary, add a little water
  • Finally add the chopped nettle leaves and also the beaten egg, which will thicken the spinach, simmer everything for a while.
  • Preparation of potato dumplings:

  • The day before, boil the potatoes in their skins, peel them while still warm and mash them
  • The next day, incorporate the baby semolina, salt, egg into the potatoes and form two rolls
  • Place in boiling salted water and cook slowly for about 20 minutes
  • After the dumplings are cooked, carefully lift them up so they don’t stick to the bottom
  • Remove the cooked dumplings and cut them into slices.
  • spinach with nettles