Herbed beef on mushrooms recipe

Green ingredients

6 servings 1 kg beef (back, legs,… ) or pork, poultry, rabbit 3 pcs. 1,50 l of meat broth or cube, about 1 – sprig of thyme to taste, preferably fresh rosemary to taste, preferably fresh 1 tbsp marjoram – can be dried , approximately fresh or frozen mushrooms (can also be dried in smaller quantities) 250 ml whipped cream – optional 4 tbsp plain flour approximately Add the sliced meat (sliced, diced…), which we fry, stirring occasionally, until golden brown, salt, pepper, herbs, pour in the broth and simmer under the lid until almost tender. 2 Then remove the herb sprigs (stems), add the chopped cleaned mushrooms to a deep plate and simmer until soft. Add the cream (if you don’t like the cream sauce, you can leave it out), the stock if necessary, and thicken the sauce with flour mixed in a little stock (water) and cook briefly. 3 Serve with any side dish that suits you: rice, pasta, dumplings, gnocchi.