Moule a la Mariniere – Mussels after the Navy

With the Born in the EU project and in cooperation with chef Petr Cvan, we taste traditional dishes from different parts of Europe. From north to south, from west to east. This time we have a recipe from Belgium. Prepare unusual mussels for the Czechs and in a nautical style.


Rule for 4 servings: 2 kg of sausages 1 dcl white wine 4 pcs garlic cloves 1 pcs red onion 1 bunch of flat-leaved parsley 1 tbsp butter tr>

rosemary thyme pepper salt


  • Pour oil into a large pot and finely chopped garlic, fry this in oil, add red onion, fresh rosemary and thyme, sauté for a while
  • Add the white wine, throw in the mussels and cover with a lid, simmer for a maximum of 5 min until the mussels open – throw away those that don’t!
  • Add a generous amount of roughly chopped parsley, stir and serve.
  • Recommendation:

    You can tell a fresh mussel is closed and clean, they should also smell of salt water. You can see all the European recipes of the Born in the EU project on TV Yum from 2 – 9 March 2020 in prime time.

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