Wagyu and Black Angus burger with tomato marmalade recipe

Total: 15 min Diners: 2

For an upscale burger it is necessary and vital to have an upscale meat; that will make the result amazingly simple and spectacular with very few ingredients. This Double Black Leg burger with 50% Wagyu beef and 50% Black Angus is the most pleasant gourmet bite for a dinner with friends or a family meal as the meat is tremendously juicy and flavorful being perfect for working on the barbecue but also on the grill or pan.

Then you just have to get a good bread roll to hold it, the more “rustic” the better and of course with a good tomato jam that will give us a sweet touch.

How to make a Wagyu and Black Angus burger with tomato jam

. Ingredients

Santa RosalĂ­a black angus wagyu hamburgers, 2 u Hamburger patties, glass bread type, 2 u Tomato jam, 2 tablespoons Arugula and lamb’s lettuce mix, 40 g Salt Extra virgin olive oil

Step 1

If we are going to make our burger on the barbecue, the first thing to do is to light it well so that we have some very hot embers.

Step 2

Prepare all the ingredients to have them at hand at the time of assembling the burger, cut the bread in half lengthwise and toast lightly on the grill, griddle or toaster.

Step 3

Cook the meat to taste on both sides, with a few drops of oil and finishing with a little salt.

Step 4

On the base of the bread put a layer of tomato jam, on top the arugula and lamb’s lettuce mixture and place the hamburger on top.

Step 5

Finish by placing the other side of the bread on top…and enjoy!