Green smoothie with borage and capers


2 pcs ripe bananas 1 pcs soft sweet pears steamed spinach 2 caper leaves 2 borage leaves curly kale leaves 1 tbsp green barley 1 tbsp honey 1 tbsp black cumin oil


However, in our house we never serve our smoothies cold, rather at their natural temperature. Well through the cooler season, when autumn kicks off in full swig, it doesn’t pay to cool the body down. The body uses its energy to protect itself from frequent viruses and so we mix warming herbs into our drinks, combine cooked with fresh, or use the power of protective and supportive herbs such as capucinum, sea buckthorn, borage, verbena, last dandelions or deceived violets.


Place the ingredients in a powerful blender and blend. If you experience that the blender leaves some parts of the fruit unblended, you’d better peel the apple and pear before blending.


From my experience, I recommend putting soft ingredients like a banana or steamed carrot in the bottom of the blender, and then the leaves. It makes the blender work better and the leaf fibers don’t get tangled on the blending blades.